Each DabJoy Package includes a Lifetime Warranty on the Heating Element  against Manufacturer's defects and a full 2 Year Warranty on remaining components.  That is our guarantee to you.  We have engineered the best in class Electronic TI Nail and to prove it we provide the best Warranty in class as well.  Now see why everyone is talking about the DabJoy Electric TI Nail!

DabJoy U.S. Version (120V) Packages:

 Make sure our U.S. Friends choose from our U.S. Version.

For our friends across the pond, make sure you check out our Euro Version with 240V Packages.

  • DabJoy - "ULTIMATE" 14mm/18mm  Domeless Package         Starting at  $849.99 
  • These 14mm/18mm Domeless Electric TI Nails are a true powerhouse.  The TI Nails themselves are made from Class II Titanium assuring a high quality Dabbing experience and safety.  The Heat controller and all the cables are included and will allow you to adjust the temperature for a truly Customized Dabbing experience.  The "Ulitmate" Package comes with all the components needed to utilize the DabJoy Ti Nails with all the 14mm/18mm Glass Products you already own. The patent pending design includes a built-in handle allowing you to easily use one hand to pick up and reposition the DabJoy with ease. 
  • Package Includes:  -  (1) 14mm Domeless Electric TI Nail with Ceramic Heater
  •                                  -  (1)  18mm Domeless Electric TI Nail with Ceramic Heater
  •                                  -  (1) 120V -DabJoy Digital Controller
  •                                  -  (1) 60" Flex Cable with Military Style Connectors
  • ​                                 -  (1) DabJoy Dabbing Tool
  •                                  -  (1) Travel Case for protecting all your Supplies
  • Best of all - No butane required!                                      The Joy of the Dab has arrived!

From $1099

DabJ​oy's Innovative Ti Nail Package - The ULTIMATE (U.S.) Includes Lifetime Warranty on the Heating Element plus a full 2 Years on remaining components. Guaranteed!